Gonzales Hill Observatory

Victoria BC Canada Visitor's Guide

The Gonzales Hill Observatory was once a weather station in Victoria BC.  Today, it is heritage building and city landmark.

The white domed structure stands upon the highest point of land on the south coast of Vancouver Island.

From Gonzales Observatory, one can enjoy stunning views of Victoria, the Juan de Fuca Strait, the Olympic Mountains and the Sooke Hills.

Gonzales Hill Observatory
Gonzales Hill Observatory, Victoria BC

This iconic building is located in the Gonzales Hill Regional Park (Walbran Park).

Walbran Park is home to California Quail, wildflowers and oak trees.

Visitors can park in the small parking lot situated just below the observatory.

View from the Gonzales Hill Observatory
View from Gonzales Observatory

The access road to the Gonzales Observatory is located near the eastern end of Dallas Road.

Because access is a little complicated, we suggest that you use a GPS mapping tool to guide you there.

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