Steamship Terminal

Victoria BC Canada Visitor's Guide

The Steamship Terminal is a beautiful neo-classical building located on the south side of Victoria's Inner Harbour.  It was completed in 1924, replacing an older terminal at the same location.

The architectural style selected was intended to reflect the Temple of Poseidon, the Greek God of the Sea.

Steamship Terminal, Victoria Canada
Steamship Terminal, Victoria BC

The location of the Steamship Terminal has much historical significance.  This is the spot where thousands of visitors and immigrants arrived aboard CPR steamships from around the globe.

Victoria, at the time, was the largest city in British Columbia.  The terminal was the portal for those early immigrants.

Steamship Terminal on Victoria's Inner Harbour
Steamship Terminal, Inner Harbour

Today, the Steamship Terminal building houses the Robert Bateman Centre (on the third floor) and a waterfront restaurant down below.

Visitors can enjoy a good meal and a great view from the outdoor patio that overlooks the Inner Harbour.

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